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435 Crooked Ln
King of Prussia, PA

(484) 231-8121

Washington Boxing Academy is a gym where people strengthen body, mid and spirit by training and learning to box. Exceptionally experienced and certified trainers customize programs for individuals as well as offer class sessions. Two gym locations in Ardmore and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.



"I attend Alden Washington's Aerobic Kick Boxing classes at the Main Line YMCA in Ardmore, PA. Coach Washington not only builds strength and teaches technique but he also inspires confidence through constant encouragement. He is conscientious and attentive to the different needs and experience levels of each student. His dedication and experience as a professional trainer have earned my respect and appreciation.

I walk out of his classes feeling stronger in both body and mind and I find myself carrying that confidence and sense of strength with me through all the other aspects of my life. I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to train and learn from such a skilled professional trainer!"

– Christine Parker

"As an ace certified personal trainer for the past fourteen years, I have had a diverse career as a professional in the sports and fitness industries. I coach high school track & field and soccer - always looking to elevate my athletes' sports performance conditioning. I also spend time training clients in their home, committing myself to helping them reach their individual fitness and goals.

I am a competitive athlete myself. Participating in my tenth season and actively training for track and field events. That is why a coach needs a coach and the logical choice for me was and still is Alden Washington. I wanted to work with a seasoned professional who is knowledgeable in the principles of strength and conditioning, and who has the ability to motivate me physically and mentally. Alden does all of that and more.

His effectiveness is best measured by the success of his clients. Alden's training has elevated my performance in multiple areas... soccer, sprinting, boxing, kick boxing and strength training. Alden = results"

– Nancy McKenna

"I cannot say enough good things about Alden Washington. He is such a dynamic man!

When I started training with him three years ago I was quite uncoordinated, (I could barely jump rope!) Through intense one to one boxing lessons and weight training sessions, I have gained physical strength and coordination that I never thought possible. In addition to boxing and weight training, Alden has helped me become more physically fit through track workouts.

When I started running with Alden I could barely do a mile. I am now able to run longer distances and sprint. Alden is dedicated to physical fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals. His knowledge of boxing and general fitness, as well as his experience as a boxer is evident during every one of my training sessions.

Alden always motivates me and challenges me to do more than I think I can. I always leave my training sessions feeling great physically and mentally. Alden's belief in and dedication to me has helped me realize that my physical abilities far exceed what I once believed.

Alden is truly an amazing person and trainer!"

– Lisa Cohen

"Alden Washington personifies the true meaning of "passion for Fitness ". Weather you are looking for increased levels of muscular strength, endurance or just starting an exercise program, Alden will inspire you!

I have worked in the fitness profession for 19 years managing and running my own in-home personal training business for the past nine of those years. When I connected with Alden, I was looking to "step out of the box" a bit to expose myself to high intensity training of sprinting and track and field workouts. This was very new and difficult for me. However Alden's patience and motivation allowed me to overcome obstacles in my head and I really start to see that I could dig a little deeper, perform better and always feel great at the end of every session.

I now have my sixteen-year-old son training with Alden; he has been boxing for the past year. My son has benefited from this on many levels. He is in peak condition his mind is focused and he tells me he is so glad to have had this great opportunity to train with Alden'' and feel this awesome."

Marie Mchale