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435 Crooked Ln
King of Prussia, PA


Washington Boxing Academy is a gym where people strengthen body, mid and spirit by training and learning to box. Exceptionally experienced and certified trainers customize programs for individuals as well as offer class sessions. Two gym locations in Ardmore and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.



We help people achieve and sustain physical fitness and realize their personal power by training to box.

Started in 2002 by experienced boxer and boxing coach Alden Washington, Washington Boxing Academy quickly developed a following among the Main Line's fit looking for new, interesting and fun ways to keep fit. Whether punching the heavy bag and shadow boxing in classes or going one-on-one in private classes, the boxing gym provides a uniquely satisfying and beneficial workout experience.

Training to box is a challenging physical and mental experience that takes years to hone. Using a combination of timeless techniques and modern equipment, those who regularly train in the way of the boxer will become stronger, lighter, faster, and more confident in their physical abilities. In addition to physical fitness, this training includes learning to properly punch, footwork and defense.

Even if you never step foot in a ring, you can experience the uniquely powerful stance and stamina of the boxer.

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